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  Did you know that ninety percent of all disease is stress related?
The Gnarly Knot is dedicated to helping individuals release stress and anxiety, decrease pain and enhance their state of overall well-being through an advanced holistic approach. We offer a wide a range of services including massage therapy, medical and oncology massage therapy, private yoga sessions and reiki treatments in Northville, Mi. in the Northville Yoga Center and the Livonia Yoga Center. We perceive the body not as a mechanical machine but as a sentient being. Understanding that the body is not just physical but is also composed of thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy as well as a deeper force that connects all beings. It's dynamic, complex and contains a depth that is nearly beyond our mental comprehension. Thankfully, western medicine is beginning to open up to what the eastern esoteric knowledge has been teaching for thousands of years. At the Gnarly Knot, we use this knowledge to address the root cause of the symptom instead of only focusing on the symptoms themselves. We encourage and empower your own internal healing abilities in the restoration of harmony and balance to your whole being through an array of holistic therapies.

Whether you are searching for relief from mild stress to chronic pain or a preventative self-care treatment; a customized blend of therapies and techniques will be applied to address your individual needs. As an experienced medically trained and licensed massage therapist, advanced registered yoga teacher and certified reiki practitioner; you can rest assured that you will be treated by a skilled professional.


"Natural Forces Within Us Are the True Healers of Disease" - Hippocrates 


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